Interior Repairs


You shouldn’t have to live with stained carpets, ripped seats or scuffed dashboards and Rapid Refinishing LLC will make it easy and affordable so you don’t have to.  If you’re like most people-the interior of your vehicle is quickly forgotten about once you step out of it and shut the door.  We carry a complete line of dyes, fabrics and special stain removers to fix virtually any damage you may have done to your seats, carpets, dashboards and everything else.

Rips and Punctures

You’re very lucky if you’ve never had someone forget to remove a pencil or screwdriver from their back pocket before sitting down.  Too many times we treat our seats like the back of a truck and toss boxes, sporting equipment and anything else that “might” fit into our cars without a second thought.  This leads to the Rips and Tears we fix every day.  Don’t forget-a rip or tear will get bigger over time, so fix it today while it’s still small

Leather Cracking

Seats have certain wear spots which get abused much more than other areas, most common is the area you slide over while sitting down.  Leather is prone to cracking and fading in these high wear areas which can quickly become an eye sore.  Fortunately we have the products and materials to make it look new again

Cigarette Burns

Everyone knows what the surgeon general says cigarettes will do to your lungs, and the’re not very good for your cars interiors either.  The careless flick or accidental drop will instantly leave a burn leaving black more and if not caught quickly will even leave a nice hole.  Regardless of location-seat, carpet or plastic-we will repair this damage so no one will ever know.


Sippy cups are great but even with the best intentions, spills happen.  Juice, Soda, Coffee and every liquid other than water will leave a stain which we carry the specialty products to remove.  Even ink pens and colored markers are no match for our proven processes.

Cracked Dashboards and plastic parts:

Over time, especially in hot climate where the sun continually beats down, plastic can deteriorate losing strength and color.  Once this happens, even a minor blow can cause a crack which unless you call Paint Bull will never go away.  Our service will actually “weld” this crack together and refinish for an unnoticeable repair.  We can even apply a protective coating to limit future sunlight damage.

Odor Removal:

Some vehicles just stink-there’s no way to gloss over it.  Spilled milk, cigarette smoke, animal odors or something that crawled in some place and died are all horrible and can make you or your passengers cringe.  We apply advanced odor removal products which don’t just cover-up the odor, they remove it by using special enzymes that “Eat” the odor away.