Windshield and Headlight Repairs

Windshield Repair:

If you’re tired of that stone chip in your windshield, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. Most insurance companies will cover this simple repair without charging your deductible. We will bill them directly, so you never have to get involved. And since our mobile service will come to you, it can’t get any easier.

Headlight Restoration:

Headlights are usually nothing more than plastic with some type of protective coating. Unfortunately over time road grime and sunlight combine to attack this coating making it ineffective. The result is yellowed hazy headlights that dramatically decreases the ability of your headlights to light up the road in front of you. This not only looks bad, it is also dangerous and can lead to accidents. The key to restoring these headlights back is to not only remove the grime and clean the plastic but to apply a new protective coating for a long lasting shine.

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